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    Chapter 48F:

      Section: 17:48F-7: Rights of prepaid prescription service organization.

7. A prepaid prescription service organization may:

a. Purchase, lease, construct, renovate, operate and maintain such facilities, ancillary equipment and property which may be required for its principal office or for any other purposes deemed necessary in the business transactions of the organization;

b. Borrow money;

c. Loan funds to any person for the purpose of acquiring or constructing facilities or in furtherance of a program providing services to enrollees, or for any other purpose reasonably related to the business of the organization;

d. Furnish prescription services to enrollees or contract holders through providers which are under contract with or employed by the organization;

e. Contract with any person for the performance of certain functions such as marketing, enrollment and administration, subject to the provisions of section 8 of this act;

f. Contract with an insurer licensed in this State for the provision of insurance, indemnity coverage, or reimbursement against the cost of services provided by the organization; and

g. In addition to basic services provided by the organization to contract holders and enrollees, may provide:

(1) Additional services as approved by the commissioner;

(2) Indemnity benefits covering urgent care or emergency services;

(3) Coverage for services from providers other than participating providers, when referred in accordance with the terms of the contract; and

(4) Any other function provided by law, in the organization's articles of incorporation or in the certificate of authority.


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