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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 18A, EDUCATION

    Chapter 6: Corporal punishment of pupils

      Section: 18A:6-51: Definitions


(a) "Educational Services Commission" means an agency established or to be established in one or more counties for the purpose of carrying on programs of educational research and development and providing to public school districts such educational and administrative services as may be authorized pursuant to rules of the State Board of Education.

(b) "Commission" means educational services commission.

(c) "State board" means the State Board of Education.

(d) "Commissioner" means the Commissioner of Education.

(e) "Commission expenses" means those funds devoted to or required for the regular or ordinary operating expenses of the commission, including administrative, maintenance and salary expenses, and purchase or rental of real and personal property necessary for the operation of the commission, but excluding program or service expenses.

(f) (Deleted by amendment, P.L.1989, c.254.)

(g) "Member district" means a public school district which by local board resolution joins the original petition to the State Board of Education for approval to establish an educational services commission, or subsequently becomes a member district by local board resolution and upon approval of the Board of Directors of the commission.

(h) "School administrator" means the superintendent or chief school administrator.

(i) "Board of Directors" means those members elected by the representative assembly to act on commission business on behalf of the assembly.

(j) "Program or service expenses" means those funds devoted to or required for the provision of a program or service by the commission, including but not limited to the administrative, maintenance and salary expenses and the purchase or rental of real or personal property necessary for the provision of the program or service.

(k) "Representative assembly" means a governing body of the educational services commission composed of an elected representative from each member district.

L.1968, c.243, s.1; amended 1979, c.356, s.1; 1989,c.254,s.1.

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