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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 19, ELECTIONS

    Chapter 27A:

      Section: 19:27A-10: Filing of petition by recall committee; time

           10. a. A recall committee shall collect the required number of signatures and file a completed petition with the recall election official within the following time periods calculated from the date that the recall petition receives final approval for circulation from the recall election official:

(1) 320 days, when the Governor or a United States Senator is sought to be recalled; and

(2) 160 days, when any other elected official is sought to be recalled.

b. If a completed petition is not filed within the applicable time period, the petition shall be void. No part of a void petition shall be used in connection with any other recall effort.

c. If the official sought to be recalled resigns from office, the collection of signatures shall cease and the petition shall be void.


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