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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 19, ELECTIONS

    Chapter 27A:

      Section: 19:27A-12: Contesting decisions of recall officials

           12. The determination of the recall election official as to whether a recall petition is signed by a sufficient number of registered voters and otherwise complies with the provisions of this act may, within 10 business days of issuance, be challenged by the official sought to be recalled or by the recall committee by filing a written objection thereto with the recall election official. Upon the request of either of those parties, the recall election official shall provide the party with a duly certified copy of the recall petition and shall allow examination of the original recall petition during regular business hours. The recall election official shall pass upon the validity of an objection in an expedited manner. The decision of the recall election official may be contested, within 10 business days, by filing an action in the Superior Court, which shall hear the matter on an expedited basis and issue an order or determination as soon as possible after filing of the action. Whenever the decision of a recall election official with respect to a recall petition requiring more than 1,000 names is challenged by the official sought to be recalled or by a recall committee, the parties shall be permitted to introduce evidence that, under a random sample method which employs the theory, assumptions and methods of standard statistical analysis, the petition contains either a sufficient or an insufficient number of signatures. The introduction of such evidence shall create a rebuttable presumption that a petition is valid or invalid, as the case may be.


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