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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 19, ELECTIONS

    Chapter 27A:

      Section: 19:27A-6: Notice of intention; filing.

6. Prior to the collection of any signatures, the sponsors of a recall petition shall file a notice of intention with the appropriate recall election official. The notice of intention shall contain the following information:

a. the name and office of the elected official sought to be recalled;

b. the name and business or residence address of at least three sponsors of the recall petition who shall constitute a recall committee which shall represent the sponsors and signers of the recall petition in matters relating to the recall effort, provided that no recall committee shall sponsor the recall of more than one officeholder and, if a recall effort fails at the ballot, the sponsoring recall committee and the members thereof shall not again sponsor, nor shall the recall committee again finance, an effort to recall the targeted officeholder during the same term of office in which the failed recall effort was attempted;

c. the name of the recall committee, which shall be expressed in the following form: "COMMITTEE TO RECALL (name of the official sought to be recalled) FROM THE OFFICE OF (name of the office)";

d. a statement certified by each member of the recall committee that the member is registered to vote in the jurisdiction of the official sought to be recalled and that the member supports the recall of the named official and accepts the responsibilities associated with serving on the recall committee;

e. at the option of the recall committee, a statement, not in excess of 200 words, of the reasons for the recall; and

f. a statement as to whether the recall election shall be held at the next general election or regular election, as appropriate, or at a special election, as provided in section 13 of this act.

L.1995, c.105, s.6; amended 2014, c.83, s.4.

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