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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 19, ELECTIONS

    Chapter 27A:

      Section: 19:27A-9: Circulator of recall petition.

9. a. A circulator of a recall petition shall not be required to be a registered voter, but shall be voter eligible, which means at least 18 years of age, a resident of this State, a citizen of the United States, and not otherwise disqualified under the New Jersey Constitution.

b. Each completed page of any section of a recall petition which is filed with the recall election official shall include at the bottom of that page an affidavit signed by the circulator of that section which sets forth the following:

(1) the printed name of the circulator;

(2) the address of the circulator;

(3) a statement that the circulator assumed responsibility for circulating that section, that the circulator witnessed the signing of that page by each person whose signature appears thereon, that, to the best information and belief of the circulator, the signers are legal residents of the State and of the county in which the section was circulated, and that the section was circulated in absolute good faith for the purpose of causing the recall of the elected official named in the petition;

(4) the dates between which all signatures to that page were collected; and

(5) a statement, signed by the circulator, as to the truth and correctness of the aforesaid information.

L.1995, c.105, s.9; amended 2014, c.83, s.3.

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