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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 19, ELECTIONS

    Chapter 44A:

      Section: 19:44A-18: Post-election contributions, expenditures, testimonial affairs or public solicitations; reports.

          18. If any former candidate or any political committee or any person or association of persons in behalf of such political committee or former candidate shall receive any contributions or make any expenditures with relation to any election after the date set in section 16 of P.L.1973, c.83 (C.19:44A-16) for the final report subsequent to such election, or shall conduct any testimonial affair or public solicitation for the purpose of raising funds to cover any part of the expenses of a candidate, political committee, independent expenditure committee, or other organization in such election, all such contributions, expenditures, testimonial affairs or public solicitations shall be reported to the Election Law Enforcement Commission by the person or persons receiving such contributions or making such expenditures or conducting such testimonial affairs or public solicitations. Such report shall be made by any person receiving any such contribution or contributions, or making any such expenditure or expenditures, which in the aggregate total more than $100.00, or conducting any testimonial affair or public solicitation of which the net proceeds exceed $100.00; and shall be made within 20 days from the date upon which the aggregate of such contributions, expenditures or proceeds exceed $100.00 for the period commencing with the 19th day following such election or with the date upon which any previous report was made pursuant to this section, whichever is sooner. Such report shall be made in the same form and shall contain the same detail prescribed for any other report made pursuant to section 8 or 16 of P.L.1973, c.83 (C.19:44A-8 or C.19:44A-16).

L.1973, c.83, s.18; amended 1983, c.579, s.17; 2019, c.124, s.7.

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