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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 19, ELECTIONS

    Chapter 44A:

      Section: 19:44A-18.1: Inaugural fund-raising event limits.

17. a. No person, candidate or political committee, otherwise eligible to make political contributions, shall make any contribution or contributions for the purpose of any gubernatorial inaugural fund-raising event or events in the aggregate in excess of $500.

b. For the purposes of the limitation in subsection a. of this section the term "gubernatorial inaugural fund-raising event" means any event or events held between the date of the general election for the offices of Governor and Lieutenant Governor and a date 15 days after the date of the inauguration of the Governor and Lieutenant Governor, whether the event is sponsored by the inaugural committee, the State political party committee representing the party of the Governor-elect and Lieutenant Governor-elect, or any other person or persons, and at which the Governor-elect or the Lieutenant Governor-elect is a prominent participant or for which solicitations of contributions include the names of the Governor-elect or Lieutenant Governor-elect in prominent display; except that this definition shall not apply to an event sponsored by a religious, charitable, benevolent, scientific, artistic or educational nonprofit institution as long as any proceeds from the event will not be controlled by the Governor-elect or Lieutenant Governor-elect or any political committee or political party committee, and the proceeds will not be contributed to the Governor-elect or Lieutenant Governor-elect, the candidacy of the Governor-elect or Lieutenant Governor-elect, a political committee or political party committee.

c. The person or committee sponsoring the event shall make a full report of all contributions and expenditures with respect to the event within 45 days following the event in accordance with the provisions of this act.

L.1980, c.74, s.17; amended 1981, c.521, s.1; 1989, c.4, s.4; 2009, c.66, s.13.

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