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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 19, ELECTIONS

    Chapter 44A:

      Section: 19:44A-20.19: Written certification by business entities relative to contributions.

7. Prior to awarding any contract or agreement to procure services or any material, supplies or equipment from, or for the acquisition, sale, or lease of any land or building from or to, any business entity, the State or any of its purchasing agents or agencies or independent authorities, as the case may be, shall require the business entity to provide a written certification that it has not made a contribution that would bar the award of the contract pursuant to this act. The business entity shall have a continuing duty to report any contribution it makes during the term of the contract. Such reports shall be subject to review by the State Treasurer. If the State Treasurer determines that any such contribution poses a conflict of interest, such contribution shall be deemed a material breach of such contract or agreement.


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