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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 19, ELECTIONS

    Chapter 44B:

      Section: 19:44B-1: Definitions.

1. a. "Gift" means any money or thing of value received other than as income, and for which a consideration of equal or greater value is not received, but does not include any political contribution reported as otherwise required by law, any loan made in the ordinary course of business, or any devise, bequest, intestate estate distribution or principal distribution of a trust or gift received from a member of a person's household or from a relative within the third degree of consanguinity of the person or his spouse, or from the spouse of that relative;

b. "Income" means any money or thing of value received, or to be received, as a claim on future services, whether in the form of a fee, expense, allowance, forbearance, forgiveness, interest, dividend, royalty, rent, capital gain, or any other form of recompense, or any combination thereof;

c. "Member of household" means the spouse of a candidate for the office of Governor or Lieutenant Governor or of a candidate for the Senate or General Assembly residing in the same domicile and any dependent children.

L.1981, c.129, s.1; amended 2009, c.66, s.28.

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