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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 19, ELECTIONS

    Chapter 44B:

      Section: 19:44B-7: Powers and duties of commission

           It shall be the duty of the commission to investigate and conduct hearings with regard to possible violations and impose penalties, to issue subpenas for the production of documents and the attendance of witnesses, and to enforce the provisions of this act in the manner set forth in "The New Jersey Campaign Contributions and Expenditures Reporting Act," P.L.1973, c. 83 (C. 19:44A-1 et seq.). The commission shall have the authority to initiate a civil action in the Superior Court of New Jersey or in any court of competent jurisdiction for the purpose of enforcing compliance with the provisions of this act or enjoining violations thereof or recovering any penalty prescribed by this act. The commission shall promulgate such regulations and official forms and perform such duties as are necessary to implement the provisions of this act.

L.1981, c. 129, s. 7, eff. May 1, 1981.

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