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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 23, FISH AND GAME, WILD BIRDS AND ANIMALS

    Chapter 2: Powers and duties of board; annual report

      Section: 23:2-2: Powers and duties of board; annual report

           The duties of the board shall be the protection and propagation of fish, birds and game animals, enforcement of the laws relating thereto, propagation and distribution of food fish and the keeping up of the supply thereof in the waters of the state. The board may close streams or parts of streams for forty-eight hours immediately following the stocking of same by the board, and may revoke the license of any person who shall violate the regulation so prescribed. The board may permit persons, when duly authorized by the board, to carry firearms in the woods and fields at any time when necessary for the conservation of wild life. The board shall have the conduct and control of all hatching stations owned and operated by the state. It may investigate any complaint made to it, at all times inspect any dam, weir, fish basket, net or other illegal apparatus for taking fish, and forthwith remove the same, and, on view or information, enforce the laws for the protection and propagation of fish, birds and game animals in this state, by arrest and prosecution of the offender, without complaint or warrant. It shall make a full report to the legislature annually, at its meeting, of all its official operations for the year ending on June thirtieth preceding, with any suggestions and recommendations it deems useful.

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