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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 23, FISH AND GAME, WILD BIRDS AND ANIMALS

    Chapter 2: Powers and duties of board; annual report

      Section: 23:2-2.1: Open season suspended or curtailed by proclamation closing lands to entry; new open season

           Whenever pursuant to law the Governor shall, by proclamation, close any forests, woodlands or open lands to entry, and any open season for taking fish, game birds, game animals or fur-bearing animals or any of them, shall have been suspended or curtailed thereby, the Fish and Game Council, at the expiration of the period of such closure, may, subject to the approval of the State Commissioner of Conservation, by order provide for a new open season or for an extension of such open season curtailed, within the limits of the area affected by the Governor's proclamation, for a period not exceeding that during which said open season was suspended or curtailed.

L.1948, c. 39, p. 113, s. 1, eff. April 29, 1948.

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