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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 23, FISH AND GAME, WILD BIRDS AND ANIMALS

    Chapter 2: Powers and duties of board; annual report

      Section: 23:2-4: Protector, assistant protector and wardens; appointment; compensation

           The division may appoint such number of competent men as may be determined to be necessary, within the limits of available appropriations therefor, and subject to Title 11 of the Revised Statutes, Civil Service, who shall be known as fish and game wardens, with the powers and duties hereinafter enumerated.

The division shall designate one of the wardens as the fish and game protector, who shall, under the supervision of the division, have the direction, supervision and control of the other wardens. It shall designate from the whole number of wardens such other supervisory personnel as may be necessary, subject to Title 11 of the Revised Statutes, Civil Service.

The compensation of the protector, assistant protectors and wardens shall be the amounts fixed by statute or as otherwise determinable by authority of law.

Each warden shall give his entire time to the duties prescribed for wardens and shall not be engaged in any other business or occupation.

Amended by L.1953, c. 335, p. 1891, s. 1, eff. July 29, 1953.

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