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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 23, FISH AND GAME, WILD BIRDS AND ANIMALS

    Chapter 3: License for hunting, fishing or trapping; penalty; exemptions.

      Section: 23:3-7.8: Trapping license; application; certificate of completion of course in trapping methods; renewal

           Notwithstanding any provisions contained in R.S. 23:3-1 to 23:3-22, concerning the issuance of a resident or nonresident trapping license, at the time an application for license is made by an applicant of the age of 12 years or over, to whom a trapping license has not previously been issued, such applicant shall present to the issuing agent a certificate stating that the applicant has satisfactorily completed a course in trapping methods which shall be signed by an agent of the Division of Fish, Game and Shell Fisheries designated for that purpose, whose fitness to give instructions in proper trapping methods has been determined by the division. A person of the age of 12 years or over who previously had a license to engage in trapping issued to him, shall not be entitled to purchase another such license in a subsequent year unless at the time of making application he shall submit to the license issuing agent his license of a previous year, or a certification from the division stating that he held such license.

L.1977, c. 320, s. 1.

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