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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 23, FISH AND GAME, WILD BIRDS AND ANIMALS

    Chapter 3: License for hunting, fishing or trapping; penalty; exemptions.

      Section: 23:3-8: Stubs attached to license; spoiled blanks

           Every license blank shall have attached to it a return stub, containing blanks which shall be filled in by the clerk or agent issuing the license, at the time the license is issued, showing where, when, to whom and by whom the license was issued, and any information the division requires. In case a license blank is spoiled, the license blank and button or tag bearing the same serial number shall be marked "spoiled" diagonally across its face, and both stubs bearing the same serial number shall be similarly marked.

Amended by L.1947, c. 159, p. 711, s. 3; L.1951, c. 226, p. 800, s. 7; L.1952, c. 172, p. 547, s. 1, eff. May 9, 1952.

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