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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 23, FISH AND GAME, WILD BIRDS AND ANIMALS

    Chapter 9: Waters affected by article

      Section: 23:9-120: Arrest and punishment of violations on Hudson river between New Jersey and New York

           If and when the State of New York shall enact a similar law for the arrest and punishment of violations of the game or fish laws of this or the State of New York, committed or attempted to be committed by any person or persons fishing in that portion of the Hudson river lying between such States, any game protector, fish warden or other person of either State, who is authorized to make arrests for violations of the game or fish laws of such States, shall have power and authority to make arrests on any part of such river between such States or the shores thereof and to take the person or persons so arrested for trial to the State in which the violation was committed and there to prosecute such person or persons according to the laws of such State.

L.1938, c. 240, p. 544, s. 1.

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