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    Chapter 1: Promises or agreements not binding unless in writing.

      Section: 25:1-11: Writing requirement, conveyances of an interest in real estate

           2. Writing Requirement, Conveyances of an Interest in Real Estate. a. A transaction intended to transfer an interest in real estate shall not be effective to transfer ownership of the interest unless:

(1) a description of the real estate sufficient to identify it, the nature of the interest, the fact of the transfer and the identity of the transferor and the transferee are established in a writing signed by or on behalf of the transferor; or

(2) the transferor has placed the transferee in possession of the real estate as a result of the transaction and the transferee has paid all or part of the consideration for the transfer or has reasonably relied on the effectiveness of the transfer to the transferee's detriment.

b. A transaction which does not satisfy the requirements of this section shall not be enforceable except as an agreement to transfer an interest in real estate under section 4 of this act.

c. This section shall not apply to leases.

d. This section shall not apply to the creation of easements by prescription or implication.
Source: R.S.25:1-1, 25:1-2.


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