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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 26, HEALTH AND VITAL STATISTICS

    Chapter 9:

      Section: 26:9-12.6: Duties of commission

           It shall be the duty of the commission to carry on a continuous study of mosquito control and extermination in the State, to recommend to the Governor and the Legislature, from time to time, changes in legislation which in its judgment may be necessary or desirable to be enacted in order to enforce and carry out mosquito extermination and control work throughout the State, to recommend to the Legislature the amount of money which in its judgment it shall deem necessary and desirable to be appropriated each year by the State for mosquito control purposes and to allocate funds appropriated for State aid to counties in the performance of such work among the various counties through the New Jersey State Agricultural Experiment Station, to act in an advisory capacity in all matters pertaining to mosquito extermination and control and to co-operate with the agencies of other States and the Federal Government in the elimination of mosquito breeding areas under their control.

L.1956, c. 135, p. 557, s. 4.

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