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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 34, LABOR AND WORKMEN'S COMPENSATION

    Chapter 13A:

      Section: 34:13A-19: Decision; enforcement; venue; effective date of award; amendment or modification

           The decision of the arbitrator may be enforced at the instance of either party in the Superior Court with venue laid in the county in which the dispute arose. The commencement of a new public employer fiscal year after the initiation of arbitration procedures under this act, but before the arbitration decision, or its enforcement, shall not be deemed to render a dispute moot, or to otherwise impair the jurisdiction or authority of the arbitrator or his decision. Increases in rates of compensation awarded by the arbitrator shall take effect on the date of implementation prescribed in the award. The parties, by stipulation, may at any time amend or modify an award of arbitration.

L.1977, c. 85, s. 6, eff. May 10, 1977.

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