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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 34, LABOR AND WORKMEN'S COMPENSATION

    Chapter 13A:

      Section: 34:13A-2: Declaration of policy

           It is hereby declared as the public policy of this State that the best interests of the people of the State are served by the prevention or prompt settlement of labor disputes, both in the private and public sectors; that strikes, lockouts, work stoppages and other forms of employer and employee strife, regardless where the merits of the controversy lie, are forces productive ultimately of economic and public waste; that the interests and rights of the consumers and the people of the State, while not direct parties thereto, should always be considered, respected and protected; and that the voluntary mediation of such public and private employer-employee disputes under the guidance and supervision of a governmental agency will tend to promote permanent, public and private employer-employee peace and the health, welfare, comfort and safety of the people of the State. To carry out such policy, the necessity for the enactment of the provisions of this act is hereby declared as a matter of legislative determination.

L.1941, c. 100, p. 228, s. 2. Amended by L.1968, c. 303, s. 3, eff. July 1, 1968.

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