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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 34, LABOR AND WORKMEN'S COMPENSATION

    Chapter 13A:

      Section: 34:13A-32: Definitions relative to school employee collective negotiations.

2. For the purposes of this act:

"Employer" or "public employer" means any local or regional school district, charter school and its board of trustees, vocational school district, educational services commission, jointure commission, county special services school district, community college, county college, or board or commission under the authority of the Commissioner of Education, the State Board of Education, or the New Jersey Commission on Higher Education.

"Majority representative" means the majority representative of the employees in a collective bargaining unit which is recognized or certified as the majority representative as the result of recognition or certification procedures under the "New Jersey Employer-Employee Relations Act," P.L.1941, c.100 (C.34:13A-1 et seq.), or is voluntarily recognized by the employer.

"Commission" means the New Jersey Public Employment Relations Commission.


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