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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 34, LABOR AND WORKMEN'S COMPENSATION

    Chapter 6A:

      Section: 34:6A-15: New Jersey State Industrial Safety Committee

           There is hereby established within the department the New Jersey State Industrial Safety Committee. The membership, in a number not to exceed 100, shall be appointed by the commissioner and shall comprise persons who have taken a prominent part in the field of accident prevention, or are responsible for accident prevention matters in the organization by which they are employed. In appointing members the commissioner shall, insofar as possible give representation to the various geographical areas of the State and to the various kinds of places of employment subject to this act.

The committee shall adopt rules to govern its proceedings, which rules shall be subject to ratification by the commissioner.

It shall be the function of the committee to advise the commissioner and the board with respect to rules and regulations proposed to be adopted under this act; and to advise the commissioner on matters of safety promotion and accident prevention generally.

L.1965, c. 154, s. 15.

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