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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 34, LABOR AND WORKMEN'S COMPENSATION

    Chapter 6A:

      Section: 34:6A-22: Exemptions

           This act is not intended to apply and shall not apply to the following:

(a) Places of employment under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Federal Government with respect to the health and safety of employees;

(b) Places of employment subject to the provisions of the Mine Safety Act, P.L.1954, c. 197;

(c) Employment and places of employment subject to the provisions of the Construction Safety Act, P.L.1962, c. 45;

(d) Domestic employment;

(e) Transportation equipment coming under the jurisdiction of the Interstate Commerce Commission, Federal Aviation Administration, or of the New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles;

(f) Institutions requiring a license issued by the Department of Institutions and Agencies pursuant to Revised Statutes 30:11-1;

(g) Schools, colleges and universities;

(h) Places of employment with fewer than 4 employees except places of employment in which the manufacturing of goods of any kind is carried on and except as hereinafter provided in paragraph (o) of this section;

(i) Agricultural employment;

(j) Banks and other financial institutions;

(k) Places of employment in which the employees are primarily engaged in office operations and buildings under the actual control of one employer and in which the employees are primarily engaged in office operations or laboratories primarily engaged in research, development, or testing conducted on premises, in separate buildings, or in building sections devoted exclusively to these operations;

(l) Public utilities which own, operate, manage or control any autobus, canal, express, railroad, street railway, traction railway, subway, pipeline, gas, electric light, heat, power, water, oil, sewer, telephone or telegraph system, plant or equipment for public use, under privileges granted by the State or by any political subdivision thereof, with respect to work operations performed in connection with the plant or facilities of such public utility located in the public streets and highways, roads and alleys, private rights-of-way, or upon their customers' premises;

(m) Liquefied petroleum gas bulk plants and facilities subject to the jurisdiction and supervision of the Superintendent of State Police, pursuant to chapter 139 of the laws of 1950 (N.J.S.A. 21:1B-1 to 21:1B-8);

(n) Natural gas pipeline utilities subject to the provisions of the Natural Gas Safety Act (P.L.1952, c. 166) (N.J.S.A. 48:10-2 to 48:10-9); and

(o) Establishments with fewer than 10 employees and which are devoted exclusively to the sale of goods, or furnishing of services, at retail.

L.1965, c. 154, s. 22.

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