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    Chapter 10A: Public auction of abandoned motor vehicles; notices required.

      Section: 39:10A-12: Junk title certificate; issuance; notice

           If a motor vehicle repair facility determines that a motor vehicle subject to the provisions of this act is incapable of being operated safely or of being put in safe operational condition except at a cost in excess of the value thereof, an authorized representative of the motor repair facility shall so certify to the Director of the Division of Motor Vehicles, on an application prescribed by him, and the Division of Motor Vehicles shall thereupon, without further certification or verification, issue to the motor vehicle repair facility, for a fee of $10.00, a junk title certificate for the vehicle; but no title certificate shall be issued unless the motor vehicle repair facility first gives 30 days notice of its intention to obtain a junk title certificate to the owner of the motor vehicle or other person having a legal right thereto and to the holder of any security interest in the motor vehicle filed with the Director of the Division of Motor Vehicles.

L.1983, c. 455, s. 5.

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