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    Chapter 10A: Public auction of abandoned motor vehicles; notices required.

      Section: 39:10A-9: Removal and storage, sale or obtaining junk title certificate; inapplicability if dispute between repair facility and owner on amount due

           a. An authorized representative of a motor vehicle repair facility may take one or more of the following actions with respect to an abandoned motor vehicle:

(1) Remove and store, or hire another person to remove and store the motor vehicle pursuant to section 3 of this act;

(2) Sell or cause the motor vehicle to be sold, at public or private sale, pursuant to section 4 of this act; or

(3) Cause a junk title certificate to be issued for the motor vehicle pursuant to section 5 of this act.

b. No motor vehicle shall be sold and no junk title certificate shall be issued pursuant to this act where the cause for a motor vehicle being left in the possession of a motor vehicle repair facility for a period in excess of that set forth in section 1 of this act is a dispute between the motor vehicle repair facility and the owner of the motor vehicle or other person having a legal right thereto regarding the amount to be paid in order to regain possession of the motor vehicle.

L.1983, c. 455, s. 2.

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