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    Chapter 12:

      Section: 39:12-10: Hearings, notice, subpoenas

           10. Every applicant or licensee shall be entitled to a hearing, before his application for a license, an endorsement or a renewal thereof is refused or his license or endorsement is revoked, and shall be given due notice thereof. The sending of a notice of a hearing by registered mail to the last known address of a licensee or applicant ten days prior to the date of the hearing shall be deemed due notice. The director, or the person deputized by him to conduct a hearing, shall have power to subpoena witnesses, administer oaths to witnesses and take testimony of any person or cause his deposition to be taken. A subpoena issued under the authority of this section shall be served in the same manner as a subpoena issued out of the Superior Court. Witnesses subpoenaed hereunder shall be entitled to the same fees and mileage as are allowed in civil actions in courts of record.

L.1951,c.216,s.10; amended 1991,c.452,s.12.

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