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    Chapter 13:

      Section: 39:13-4: Fine; refusal to grant, suspension, revocation of license

           4. The director may fine or refuse to grant or may suspend or revoke a license of an auto body repair facility for any of the following acts or omissions related to the conduct of the business of the auto body repair facility:

a. Making or authorizing any material written or oral statement which is known to be untrue or misleading;

b. Causing or allowing a customer to sign any estimate for repairs which does not state the repairs requested by the customer or the motor vehicle's odometer reading at the time of repair;

c. Failing to provide a customer with a copy of any estimate or document requiring his signature, as soon as a customer signs the estimate or document;

d. Making false promises or representations intended to influence, persuade, or induce a customer to authorize a repair of a motor vehicle which has been damaged as a result of a collision;

e. Giving an adjuster or appraiser directly or indirectly any gratuity or other consideration in connection with his appraisal service;

f. Making appraisals of the cost of repairing a motor vehicle which has been damaged as a result of a collision through the use of photographs, telephone calls, or any manner other than personal inspection;

g. Making an estimate for repairs or charging for repairs in such amount as to compensate the insured for the cost of the deductible applicable under an insurance policy;

h. A pattern of conduct which includes any of the acts or omissions prohibited in this section or any other unconscionable or fraudulent commercial practice prohibited by the director pursuant to regulations promulgated under the provisions of this act;

i. Failing to maintain its equipment and facilities in good operating condition, or failing to keep in force and effect any permits, accreditation, letter of credit or insurance required for licensure;

j. Operating an auto body repair facility without a license as required pursuant to section 2 of P.L.1983, c.360 (C.39:13-2).

L.1983,c.360,s.4; amended 1985, c.148, s.25; 2001, c.53, s.3.

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