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    Chapter 2A:

      Section: 39:2A-28: Powers, duties of chief administrator.

          28. In addition to any powers and duties otherwise imposed by P.L.2003, c.13 (C.39:2A-1 et al.), the chief administrator shall have general responsibility for the implementation of P.L.2003, c.13 (C.39:2A-1 et al.), and shall, without limitation:

a. Perform, exercise, and discharge the functions, powers, and duties of the commission through such offices as may be established by P.L.2003, c.13 (C.39:2A-1 et al.) or otherwise by law;

b. Administer and organize the work of the commission in such organizational units, and from time to time alter the plan of organization as deemed expedient, as necessary for the secure, efficient and effective operation of the commission;

c. Appoint, remove, and fix the compensation of subordinate officers and other personnel employed by the commission in accordance with the commission's table of organization, except as herein otherwise specifically provided;

d. Appoint, remove, and fix the compensation and terms of employment of the deputy administrator, who shall serve in the State unclassified service, in accordance with the commission's table of organization;

e. Organize and maintain an administrative office and employ therein such secretarial, clerical, and other assistants in the commission as the internal operations of the commission may require;

f. Formulate and adopt rules and regulations for the efficient conduct of the work and general administration of the commission, its officers and employees;

g. Prepare an annual budget, and submit it to the board;

h. Prepare annually, a strategic business plan and submit it to the board, including a facilities improvement and management plan and a table of organization;

i. Institute or cause to be instituted such legal proceedings or processes as may be necessary to properly enforce and give effect to any of the powers or duties of the chief administrator;

j. Report as the Governor shall from time to time request or as may be required by law;

k. Collect all fees, fines, penalties, surcharges, service charges, and other charges imposed by P.L.2003, c.13 (C.39:2A-1 et al.) and the regulations issued pursuant thereto or pursuant to law;

l. Develop and maintain a master list of all assets;

m. Oversee the implementation of the facilities improvement and management plan, in consultation with the State Treasurer;

n. Perform such other functions as may be prescribed in P.L.2003, c.13 (C.39:2A-1 et al.) or by any other law or by the board; and

o. Establish a point based identification verification program, or a successor identification verification program as the chief administrator deems appropriate, which shall be used to prove the identity of any applicant for a basic driver's license, probationary license, permit, or non-driver identification card.

L.2003, c.13, s.28; amended 2007, c.335, s.14; 2019, c.271, s.6.

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