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    Chapter 2A:

      Section: 39:2A-29: Goals of administrator, deputy administrator.

29. The administrator, and the deputy administrator under the direction of the administrator, shall have as their immediate goal the improvement of the safety and security of the State's motor vehicle licensing, registration, titling and inspection system and to this end are authorized to:

a. Make technological improvements, including the modernization of software and hardware, the addition of surveillance cameras, alarms, and access systems, and the utilization of biometrics;

b. Increase the number of audit staff, security guards, and other security-related employees;

c. Improve training and monitoring procedures;

d. Utilize document imaging from the field;

e. Integrate the New Jersey title database with the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System;

f. Improve license plate management, including an automated inventory system and reissuance program;

g. Acquire the ability to access State vital statistics data to immediately update driver's license information;

h. Implement additional proofs of identity verification for a non-driver identification card, driver's license, permits, and registrations;

I. Implement card access systems, clear visibility barriers and door replacements where needed;

j. Replace the written driver's license knowledge test with an online test;

k. Increase the use of credit or debit cards or any other electronic payment device;

l. Increase the use of scanned documents;

m. Match motor vehicle records with Social Security records to verify Social Security numbers in the motor vehicle database, to the extent allowable; and

n. Seek the assistance of the Immigration and Naturalization Service to verify authenticity of motor vehicle applicants and their eligibility for documents.


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