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    Chapter 3C:

      Section: 39:3C-5: Registration required; transfer of ownership.

5. The owner of a snowmobile, all-terrain vehicle, or dirt bike required to be registered and numbered in this State shall do so with the commission no later than six months after the effective date of P.L.2009, c.275 (C.39:3C-3.1 et al.).

Every person in the business of selling a snowmobile, all-terrain vehicle, or dirt bike shall require proof that the vehicle is properly registered with the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, pursuant to section 3 of P.L.1973, c.307 (C.39:3C-3), before transferring actual physical possession of the snowmobile, all-terrain vehicle, or dirt bike to a purchaser of the vehicle.

If there is a change of ownership for which a registration certificate has been previously issued, the new owner shall apply for a new registration certificate and set forth the original number in the application. The owner shall demonstrate to the commission a notarized bill of sale, assignable certificate of origin, or other formal proof of ownership deemed acceptable by the commission when transferring ownership or selling a snowmobile, all-terrain vehicle, or dirt bike. The owner shall pay the regular fee for the particular snowmobile, all-terrain vehicle, or dirt bike involved. The owner of any registration certificate issued under this section may obtain a duplicate from the commission upon application and payment of the fee prescribed.

L.1973, c.307, s.5; amended 1985, c.375, s.6; 2009, c.275, s.5.

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