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    Chapter 12: Power of the court to order a protective arrangement.

      Section: 3B:12-66.2: Transfer into New Jersey of guardianship established in another state.

49. Transfer into New Jersey of Guardianship Established in Another State.

a. A guardian or like fiduciary of a minor appointed in another state may file a summary action in the Superior Court for the transfer of the guardianship and the appointment as a guardian in this State if domicile in this State is or will be established.

b. Notice of hearing shall be given to the minor and to the persons who would be entitled to notice if the regular procedures for appointment of a guardian under the New Jersey Rules of Court were applicable.

c. The Superior Court shall grant an application for the transfer of a guardianship established in another state unless the court determines that the proposed guardianship is a collateral attack on an existing or proposed guardianship or the transfer and appointment would not be in the best interest of the minor.

d. An exemplified record of a court of competent jurisdiction evidencing the original proceeding adjudicating the minor's incapacity and any amendment or modification orders entered subsequent to the original judgment shall be filed with the Superior Court. Subject to due process principles, full faith and credit may be accorded to a court of another state's determination of the minor's incapacity. The Superior Court may fix the rights, powers, and duties of the guardian that the court determines are necessary to administer the minor's person or estate, or both person and estate, in this State.

e. The guardian shall give notice of the application to transfer guardianship to the court of the other state.

L.2005, c.304, s.49; amended 2012, c.36, s.23.

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