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    Chapter 12: Power of the court to order a protective arrangement.

      Section: 3B:12-74: Designation of standby guardian by parent

           8. a. When the consent of a parent or legal custodian for the execution of a power of attorney delegating another person to exercise the parent's or legal custodian's powers is not appropriate or is unavailable pursuant to N.J.S.3B:12-39, the other parent or legal custodian may execute a written statement to designate a standby guardian, as follows:

(1) The parent or legal custodian may choose a standby guardian by means of a written designation that names the standby guardian in the event of the designator's death, incapacity or debilitation. The written designation shall reasonably identify the designator, the minor child and the standby guardian.

(2) A written designation pursuant to this section shall be signed by the designator in the presence of two witnesses who shall also sign the designation. Another person may sign the written designation on the parent's or legal custodian's behalf if the parent or legal custodian is physically unable to do so, provided the designation is signed at the express request of the parent or legal custodian and in the presence of the parent or legal custodian and two witnesses.

(3) The designation shall state the triggering event by which the parent or legal custodian intends the designated standby guardianship of the minor child to be activated.

(4) A parent or legal custodian may designate an alternate standby guardian in the same document, and by the same manner, as the designation of a standby guardian.

b. A designation may, but need not, be in the following form:


I, (name of parent or legal custodian) hereby name (name, home address and telephone number of standby guardian) as designated standby guardian of (name of child(ren)), my child(ren).

By this consent and designation, I am providing that the designated standby guardian's authority shall take effect if and when the following event or events occur: (choose as follows):

(1) my attending physician concludes that I am mentally incapacitated, and thus unable to care for my child(ren); or

(2) my attending physician concludes that I am physically debilitated, and thus unable to care for my child(ren), and I consent in writing before two witnesses to the designated standby guardian's authority taking effect; or

(3) upon my death.

In the event that the person designated above is unable or unwilling to act as guardian to my child(ren), I hereby name (name, address and telephone number of alternate designated standby guardian), as alternate designated standby guardian of my child(ren).

I understand that this designation will expire six months from the date of this designation, and that the authority of the designated standby guardian, if any, will cease, unless by that date either I or the designated standby guardian petitions the court for appointment as standby guardian pursuant to section 6 of P.L.1995, c.76 (C.3B:12-72).

I hereby authorize that the person designated standby guardian as set forth above shall be provided with a copy of the attending physician's statement.

In the event that I am incapacitated or debilitated and a designated standby guardianship is activated pursuant to this statement, I declare that it is my intention to retain full parental rights to the extent consistent with my condition and, further, that I retain the authority to revoke the designated standby guardianship consistent with my rights herein at any time.

esignator's Signature:

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c. Nothing in this section shall be construed to involuntarily deprive any parent of parental rights.


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