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    Chapter 29: Laws repealed

      Section: 3B:29-1: Laws repealed

           The following are repealed:

R.S. 3:2-12 (saved from repeal by N.J.S. 3A:3-32);

R.S. 3:2-45 (saved from repeal by N.J.S. 3A:3-30);

N.J.S. 3A:2-1 to 3A:2-8 inclusive;

N.J.S. 3A:3-4, 3A:3-5, 3A:3-12, 3A:3-15, 3A:3-16, 3A:3-17 to 3A:3-21 inclusive, 3A:3-23 to 3A:3-33 inclusive;

N.J.S. 3A:4-8 and 3A:4-12;

N.J.S. 3A:5-1 to 3A:5-8 inclusive;

N.J.S. 3A:6-1 to 3A:6-20 inclusive, 3A:6-22 to 3A:6-26 inclusive, 3A:6-28 to 3A:6-30 inclusive, 3A:6-33 to 3A:6-36 inclusive, 3A:6-38 to 3A:6-40 inclusive, 3A:6-43 to 3A:6-68 inclusive;

N.J.S. 3A:7-1 to 3A:7-30 inclusive;

N.J.S. 3A:8-1 to 3A:8-8 inclusive;

N.J.S. 3A:9-1 to 3A:9-12 inclusive;

N.J.S. 3A:10-1 to 3A:10-8 inclusive;

N.J.S. 3A:11-1 to 3A:11-5 inclusive;

N.J.S. 3A:12-1 to 3A:12-6 inclusive, 3A:12-10 to 3A:12-18 inclusive;

N.J.S. 3A:14-1 to 3A:14-4 inclusive;

N.J.S. 3A:15-1 to 3A:15-17 inclusive;

N.J.S. 3A:16-1 to 3A:16-11 inclusive, 3A:16-13 to 3A:16-15 inclusive, 3A:16-18 to 3A:16-20 inclusive;

N.J.S. 3A:17-1;

N.J.S. 3A:18-1 to 3A:18-8 inclusive;

N.J.S. 3A:19-1 to 3A:19-4 inclusive;

N.J.S. 3A:20-5 to 3A:20-8 inclusive;

N.J.S. 3A:21-1 to 3A:21-3 inclusive;

N.J.S. 3A:22-2, 3A:22-4 to 3A:22-6 inclusive;

N.J.S. 3A:23-1 to 3A:23-5 inclusive;

N.J.S. 3A:24-1, 3A:24-3 to 3A:24-49 inclusive;

N.J.S. 3A:25-2 to 3A:25-7 inclusive, 3A:25-9 to 3A:25-11 inclusive, 3A:25-13 to 3A:25-38 inclusive;

N.J.S. 3A:26-1;

N.J.S. 3A:27-1 to 3A:27-5 inclusive;

N.J.S. 3A:28-1 to 3A:28-3 inclusive;

N.J.S. 3A:29-1 to 3A:29-4 inclusive;

N.J.S. 3A:30-1 to 3A:30-6 inclusive;

N.J.S. 3A:31-1 to 3A:31-11 inclusive;

N.J.S. 3A:32-1 to 3A:32-3 inclusive;

N.J.S. 3A:33-1 and 3A:33-2;

N.J.S. 3A:34-1 to 3A:34-14 inclusive;

N.J.S. 3A:35-1 to 3A:35-4 inclusive;

N.J.S. 3A:36-1 to 3A:36-5 inclusive; 3A:37-1 to 3A:37-6 inclusive;

N.J.S. 3A:38-1 to 3A:38-7 inclusive;

N.J.S. 3A:39-1 and 3A:39-2;

N.J.S. 3A:40-1 to 3A:40-6 inclusive;

N.J.S. 3A:41-1, 3A:41-2, 3A:41-6 to 3A:41-14 inclusive;

N.J.S. 3A:42-1 and 3A:42-2.

Laws of 1948, c. 364, s.s. 17 and 18 (saved from repeal by N.J.S. 3A:3-31 and 3A:3-33);

Laws of 1977, c. 412, s.s. 1 to 16 inclusive; 20 to 86 inclusive (C. 3A:2A-1 to C. 3A:2A-83 inclusive);

Laws of 1979, c. 219, s. 1 (C. 3A:2A-29.1);

Laws of 1979, c. 221, s.s. 12 to 15 inclusive (C. 3A:2A-6.1, C. 3A:2A-48.1, C. 3A:2A-85 and C. 3A:2A-86);

Laws of 1980, c. 51, s. 1 (C. 3A:2A-87);

Laws of 1962, c. 241, s.s. 1 to 5 inclusive (C. 3A:3-16.1 to C. 3A:3-16.5 inclusive);

Laws of 1952, c. 221, s.s. 1 and 2 (C. 3A:3A-1 and C. 3A:3A-2);

Laws of 1968, c. 270, s.s. 1 to 3 inclusive (C. 3A:6-16.1 to C. 3A:16-16.3 inclusive);

Laws of 1979, c. 482, s.s. 1 to 5 inclusive, 7, 11 to 18 inclusive, 26 to 34 inclusive (C. 3A:6-16.10 to C. 3A:6-16.32 inclusive);

Laws of 1979, c. 494, s.s. 1 and 2 (C. 3A:6-32.1 and C. 3A:6-32.2);

Laws of 1959, c. 132, s.s. 1 and 2 (C. 3A:7-14.1 and C. 3A:7-14.2);

Laws of 1979, c. 501, s.s. 2 to 4 inclusive (C. 3A:10-2.1 to C. 3A:10-2.3 inclusive);

Laws of 1980, c. 6, s. 1 (C. 3A:10-2.4);

Laws of 1952, c. 331, s.s. 1 and 2 (C. 3A:10-3.1 and C. 3A:10-3.2);

Laws of 1952, c. 156, s.s. 1 to 9 inclusive (C. 3A:14A-1 to C. 3A:14A-9 inclusive);

Laws of 1963, c. 94, s.s. 1 to 4 inclusive (C. 3A:15-17.1 to C. 3A:15-17.4 inclusive);

Laws of 1975, c. 25, s.s. 1 to 5 inclusive (C. 3A:15-17.5 to C. 3A:15-17.9 inclusive);

Laws of 1973, c. 359, s.s. 1 to 5 inclusive (C. 3A:15-30 to C. 3A:15-34 inclusive);

Laws of 1975, c. 337, s.s. 1 to 7 inclusive (C. 3A:15-35 to C. 3A:15-41 inclusive);

Laws of 1979, c. 486, s.s. 1 to 3 inclusive (C. 3A:20-12 to C. 3A:20-14 inclusive);

Laws of 1979, c. 485, s. 1 (C. 3A:35-5);

Laws of 1977, c. 483, s.s. 1 to 8 inclusive (C. 3A:38A-1 to C. 3A:38A-8 inclusive);

Laws of 1979, c. 487, s.s. 1 and 4 (C. 3A:39-5 and C. 3A:39-6);

Laws of 1971, c. 338, s.s. 1 to 8 inclusive (C. 3A:43-1 to C. 3A:43-8 inclusive).

L.1981, c. 405, s. 3B:29-1, eff. May 1, 1982.

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