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    Chapter 31: Uniform Trust Code

      Section: 3B:31-9: Methods and waiver of notice.

3B:31-9. Methods and Waiver of Notice.
a. Notice to a person under this act or the sending of a document to a person under this act shall be accomplished in a manner reasonably suitable under the circumstances and likely to result in receipt of the notice or document. Permissible methods of notice or for sending a document include first-class mail, personal delivery, delivery to the person's last known place of residence or place of business, or a properly directed textual electronic message.

b. Notice otherwise required under this act or a document otherwise required to be sent under this act need not be provided to a person whose identity or location is unknown to and not reasonably ascertainable by the trustee.

c. Notice under this act or the sending of a document under this act may be waived by the person to be notified or sent the document.

d. Notice of a judicial proceeding shall be given as provided in the applicable New Jersey Rules of Court.

L.2015, c.276, s.1.

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