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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 41, OATHS AND AFFIDAVITS

    Chapter 2: Officials authorized to take oaths.

      Section: 41:2-1: Officials authorized to take oaths.

41:2-1. All oaths, affirmations and affidavits required to be made or taken by law of this State, or necessary or proper to be made, taken or used in any court of this State, or for any lawful purpose whatever, may be made and taken before any one of the following officers:

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court or any of the justices or judges of courts of record of this State;

Masters of the Superior Court;

Municipal judges;

Mayors or aldermen of cities, towns or boroughs or commissioners of commission governed municipalities;

Surrogates, registers of deeds and mortgages, county clerks and their deputies;

Municipal clerks and clerks of boards of chosen freeholders;

Sheriffs of any county;

Members of boards of chosen freeholders;

Clerks of all courts;

Notaries public;

Commissioners of deeds;

Members of the State Legislature;

Attorneys-at-law and counsellors-at-law of this State;

Certified court reporters, as defined in section 10 of P.L.1940, c.175 (C.45:15B-10).

This section shall not apply to official oaths required to be made or taken by any of the officers of this State, nor to oaths or affidavits required to be made and taken in open court.

Amended 1951, c.302, s.1; 1953, c.39, s.1; 1953, c.428, s.3; 1964, c.165, s.1; 1968, c.169; 1970, c.182; 1983, c.495; 1986, c.124; 2007, c.73.

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