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    Chapter 10:

      Section: 43:10-10: Pension commission.

          43:10-10. There shall be in each county of the first class a pension commission of five members, consisting of the executive officer of the county (or the director of the board of freeholders if the county has not adopted the provisions of the "Optional County Charter Law," P.L.1972, c.154 (C.40:41A-1 et seq.), the chief financial officer of the county, and two persons who are either a county employee who is an active member of the pension fund or a retired county employee who is receiving a pension under this act, R.S.43:10-1 et seq., both of whom have been nominated pursuant to rules promulgated by the pension commission and elected at a meeting held by the county employees who are members of the fund and retired county employees who currently receive a pension from the fund after 5 days' written notice of the time and place thereof has been given by the executive officer of the county to all those member employees and retired employees of the county. The active member employees and retired employees may cast written ballots by proxy. The two commission members who are either a county member employee or a retired county employee shall hold office until their successors are elected at a meeting of the employees and retirees held on the third Wednesday of December every second year, for a term of 2 years commencing January 1 following their election. The fifth member of the commission shall be a citizen of the county who is not a public officeholder in the county or any municipality therein, and shall be selected by the other four members of the commission. He shall hold office for the term of 1 year. In case of vacancy for any cause, the commission may fill it until the next election.

The commission shall hold its annual meeting between January 1 and 15 in each year and elect its president, a secretary whose compensation the commission may fix and pay out of the fund, and such other officers as it deems advisable. Notwithstanding any provision of this paragraph to the contrary, upon the adoption of a resolution by the pension commission, any person, who shall be or has been elected to the position of secretary to the pension commission for five consecutive terms may be granted tenure as secretary. Upon the adoption of such resolution, the secretary shall hold this position during good behavior and efficiency and shall not be removed therefrom except for good cause and then only in accordance with the provisions of Title 11A (Civil Service) of the New Jersey Statutes.

The pension commission shall be known as the "county employees pension commission of the county of ."

amended 1961, c.64, s.2; 1973, c.345, s.7; 1979, c.351; 2017, c.73.

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