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    Chapter 10:

      Section: 43:10-18.1: Definitions

           As used in this act:

"Service" shall always, unless otherwise stated, be considered as continuous or in the aggregate.

"Salary" or "compensation" when used solely for the purpose of fixing benefits under this act means the average annual compensation for which contributions are made for the three years of creditable service as a county employee immediately preceding his retirement or death, or it shall mean the average annual compensation as a county employee for which contributions are made during any three fiscal years of his or her membership, whichever shall provide the largest possible benefit to the member or his beneficiary, or during his or her entire length of service if such service totaled less than three years, provided, however, that no benefit paid upon the death of any member under this act shall exceed, if the deceased member was retired at the time of death, 50\% of the pension calculated at the time of retirement, and, if the deceased member was an employee at the time of death, 25\% of salary, or 50\% of the pension that the employee would have received had the employee retired upon the date of the death, whichever shall be greater, provided, however, that no benefit paid upon the death of any member shall be less than $5,000.00 annually; provided further however, that as to any employee who, at the time of the adoption of this act, is a member of any retirement system in operation in the county under and by virtue of articles 1, 2, 5, 6 and 7 of chapter 10 of Title 43 of the Revised Statutes and of R.S. 40:37-157 to 40:37-174, inclusive, and of "An act providing for the retirement of persons employed in the department of weights and measures of any county in this State, and providing a pension for such persons so retired," filed June 21, "1938 (P.L. 1938, c. 397), and as to any employee who did not retire before September 1, 1987 and who also is a veteran as defined in section 6 of P.L. 1954, c. 84 (C. 43:15A-6) and who (i) was a member of the retirement system on January 2, 1955 and has remained in continuous service as a county employee and shall have attained the age of 60 years or (ii) shall have attained the age of 62 years and shall have accumulated credit in the retirement system for a period of 20 years the total annual salary received by such employee during the year immediately prior to his death or retirement shall be considered his salary for pension or other purposes under this act or any act authorizing pension increases in the retirement system.

"Pension fund" or "fund" means the fund referred to in section 16 of this act, and is the fund from which pensions provided for in this act shall be paid.

"State" shall, unless otherwise stated, mean the State of New Jersey.

"His" shall be construed to mean both sexes.

"County employee" or "employee" means and includes all employees and officers in service in any county of this State having a population of more than 800,000 inhabitants and shall mean and include all employees and officers of any county board, body or commission, maintained out of county funds in any such county, including the official stenographic reporter and proxies of such official stenographic reporter of such county, and shall also mean and include employees and officers appointed by such county to employment on intercounty bridges, but the same term "county employee" or "employee" does not include members of the judiciary, or any laborers, unless the labor work is paid on an hourly, daily, monthly, or annual salary basis for a continuous employment thereof and recognized as permanent appointees, it being the intent to exclude transient labor from the operation of this act. The pension commission shall determine whether or not the employment of an employee is permanent within the meaning of this act. "County employee" or "employee" shall also mean and include all elected and appointed officials of such county.

"Population" of a county shall mean the population of a county according to the federal census of 1940.

"Widow" or "widower" means the surviving unremarried spouse to whom a member of the retirement system was married for a continuous period of at least five years up to the date of the member's death. In the event of accidental death, the five year qualification shall be waived.

"Minor child" means an unmarried child under the age of 18 years.

"Permanent and total disability" means physical or mental incapacity of an employee to any longer perform the duties of his position or office.

"Employees' retirement system of (name of county)" shall be the name of the retirement system provided under the provisions of this act. By that name all of its business shall be transacted, its funds invested, warrants for money drawn and payments made and all of its cash and securities and other property held.

L. 1943, c. 160, s. 1; amended 1960,c.191,s.1; 1966,c.243,s.1; 1971,c.426,s.1; 1972,c.179; 1983,c.211,s.1; 1987,c.429,s.1.

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