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    Chapter 10:

      Section: 43:10-18.3: County pension commission

           There shall be authorized to carry out the provisions of this act and charged with the duty of administering the pension fund herein provided for, a pension commission composed of five members, consisting of the county supervisor or similar officer of the county, the treasurer of the county, two county employees who are members of the pension fund, and a citizen of the county who is not a public office holder in the county or any municipality therein and who shall be selected by the other four members of the commission. The two county employee members of the pension commission shall be elected within 60 days after the passage of this act at a meeting held by the county employees affected by this act after 30 days' written notice of the time and place thereof has been given by the county supervisor or similar county officer to all such employees. Nominations shall be made only by written petitions filed with the secretary of the pension commission at least 15 days prior to such election and each containing the signatures of at least 10\% of the county employees who are active members of the pension fund on the date written notice of the time and date of the election is provided to county employee members. The county supervisor shall provide a suitable method of balloting whereby secrecy shall be assured. Ballots shall be distributed among the county employees affected by this act at least seven days prior to the election and the voted ballots shall be returned to the secretary of the pension commission at any time prior to 12 noon of the day fixed for the holding of the meeting and election. Employees who become members of the retirement system created by this act or who are members of any of the county employees' retirement systems referred to in section 7 of this act and merged thereunder shall be eligible to participate in such nomination and election of the two county employee members of the pension commission. The two county employees shall hold office until their successors are elected in the same manner as aforesaid at a meeting of the employees held on the third Wednesday of December of the second year following the adoption of this act. Thereafter two county employees shall be elected as members of the pension commission, in the same manner, on the third Wednesday of December every second year, for a term of two years commencing January 1 following their election.

In case of vacancy for any cause, the commission may fill it until the next election. Any member of said pension commission who shall leave the service of the county shall automatically cease to be a member of said commission.

The commission shall hold its annual meeting between January 1 and 15 in each year and elect its president and such other officers as it deems advisable. The commission shall serve without compensation, but shall be reimbursed for any necessary expenditures and shall suffer no loss of salary or other wages through service on such commission. The treasurer of the county, who shall be treasurer of the commission, shall appoint the secretary of this commission, who shall be some person chosen by him from among persons employed by such county who is versed in the affairs of the said treasurer's office and said treasurer shall fix the compensation of such appointee, subject to approval of the board of chosen freeholders. The commission shall secure the services of such physicians as shall be necessary to make the medical examinations required by this act.

The chief legal officer of the county shall be the legal adviser of and attorney for the said pension commission.

The pension commission shall have control and management of the funds and of the retirement of the county employees. The commission shall, from time to time, subject to the limitations of this act, establish rules and regulations for the transaction of its business and the administration of this act. Under the direction of the pension commission, the head of each county department shall furnish such information and shall keep such records as the commission may require for the discharge of its duties.

The pension commission may require each employee of the county to file a statement or statements, in such form as the said commission shall direct, concerning his service or other matters covered by this act.

The pension commission shall appoint an actuary, who shall be the technical adviser of the commission on matters regarding the operation of the funds created by the provisions of this act and shall perform such other duties as are required in connection therewith.

The commission shall have power to compel witnesses to attend and testify before it upon any matter concerning the retirement system and allow fees not in excess of $3.00 to any such witness for such attendance upon any one day. The president and other members of the said pension commission are empowered to administer oaths to such witnesses. All retirements shall be made and pensions allowed by the pension commission in accordance with the provisions of this act.

The pension commission shall be known as the "Pension Commission of the Employees' Retirement System of (name of county)."

L. 1943, c. 160, p. 447, s. 3. Amended by L. 1960, c. 191, p. 793, s. 2; L. 1971, c. 426, s. 2, eff. Feb. 1, 1972; L. 1985, c. 445, s. 1, eff. Jan. 13, 1986.

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