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    Chapter 10:

      Section: 43:10-18.57: Claims pending on January 1, 1949; widows, widowers and minor children

           All claims for pensions or other benefits from such other county retirement systems which are pending or ungranted on January 1, 1949, shall be allowed or disallowed by the pension commission herein provided for according to the provisions of the statutes governing such other retirement systems, and those which shall be allowed shall be paid from the retirement system herein provided for.

The widow, so long as she remains unmarried, or widower, so long as he remains unmarried, or minor children up to 18 years of age, of any employee in the service of the county, who prior to January 1, 1949, is a member of any of the following retirement systems:

County detectives in counties of the first, second, third and fifth classes (article 2 of chapter 10 of Title 43 of the Revised Statutes);

Probation officers of counties of over 83,000 inhabitants (article 5 of chapter 10 of Title 43 of the Revised Statutes);

Sheriff's employees in counties of the first and second classes (article 6 of chapter 10 of Title 43 of the Revised Statutes);

Court interpreters in counties of the second class (article 9 of chapter 10 of Title 43 of the Revised Statutes); and who shall at any time lose his life in the performance of his duty or shall die from any cause, or any such employee who shall, at any time, become permanently and totally disabled, shall receive a pension equal to 1/2 of such employee's salary at the time of such death or disability, regardless of the length of service or age of such employee, it being the intent of this act to secure to such employees the continuation of a similar present and prospective benefit of the retirement system of which he was a member prior to January 1, 1949, together with all the benefits provided for in this act.

L.1948, c. 310, p. 1242, s. 8. Amended by L.1966, c. 210, s. 3.

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