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    Chapter 10:

      Section: 43:10-18.64b: Adjustment in pensions; employer to bear cost; date of commencement

           The employer shall bear the cost of the adjustment in the pensions payable to retirants who retired from the employ of such employer and the cost of adjustments in the pensions payable to beneficiaries of active or retired members who were in the employ of the employer at the time of the member's death or retirement. The employer shall appropriate the amount in the fiscal year next following, taking into account payments to be made to such retirants or beneficiaries qualifying for the first time for this adjustment in the following year.

The adjustment in pensions provided for under this supplementary act shall commence with pension benefit payments for the month of January 1978, except as hereinafter specified, provided that there is appropriated the amount certified by the Director of the Division of Pensions of the State Department of the Treasury to the Director of the State Division of Budget and Accounting as set forth in the Pension Adjustment Act (P.L.1969, c. 169, C. 43:3B-1 et seq.). In the case of any retirant or beneficiary first becoming eligible to receive an adjustment under the provisions of this act, such adjustment shall be paid beginning in the 25th month in which he is entitled to receive his pension benefit. The adjustment in pensions shall continue to be paid so long as there shall be appropriated the amounts so certified. In the event that the necessary funds are not so appropriated, the increase in pensions shall cease; no further payments shall be made by the employer; a refund shall be made by the retirement system to the employer of any balance unexpended on its account.

L.1978, c. 127, s. 4.

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