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    Chapter 10:

      Section: 43:10-18.65: Deductions from salary; contributions by county; donations; interest; taxation; investigation by actuary

           A fund to pay pensions under this act shall be created as follows:

(a) The county treasurer shall deduct from every payment of salary to any county employee who is or becomes a member of this retirement system and pay to the fund, 6\% of the amount of said salary. Such deductions shall be continued to be made during the entire period of employment of the member and until the death or retirement, including disability retirement, of said member.

The deductions provided herein for pension purposes shall not be construed as reduction in the salary or compensation of any member of this retirement system.

Every employee to whom this act applies who shall continue in the service after the adoption and approval of this act, as well as every person to whom this act applies who may hereafter be appointed to a position or place, shall be deemed to consent and agree to the deductions made and provided for herein and payment with such deductions, for service, shall be a full and complete discharge and acquittance of all claims and demands whatsoever for all services rendered by such person during the period covered by such payment except his or her claim to the benefits to which he or she may be entitled under the provisions of this act.

(b) The board of chosen freeholders shall annually raise in the county budget and contribute annually to the fund an amount equal to 10\% of all of such county employees' salaries as its normal contribution. Such payment shall be continued to be made during and until the death or retirement of each member.

All moneys donated for the purposes of the fund shall be deposited in the fund.

(c) All interest earned on investments of moneys of this retirement system shall be credited to this pension fund.

(d) All moneys required to meet the county contributions provided for in this and all other sections of this act shall be raised annually in the county budget by the board of chosen freeholders and if at any time there is not sufficient money to meet these requirements and pay the pensions, the board of chosen freeholders shall, from time to time, include in any tax levy a sum sufficient to meet the requirements of the retirement system.

(e) The commission shall, once prior to the end of the year 1966 and once during every third year thereafter, cause the actuary recommended by the pension commission and appointed by the board of freeholders who must be an actuary of recognized standing and a member of the Society of Actuaries, to make an investigation into the conduct and operation of the retirement system and into the mortality, service and compensation experience of the members and beneficiaries of the retirement system and to make a valuation of the assets and liabilities of the system. The actuary shall report thereon to the commission. Based upon said report the commission shall (1) establish for the retirement system such mortality service and other tables as shall be deemed necessary, and (2) adjust and certify the rates of contribution to be paid by the county on the basis of the said investigation, valuation and report of the actuary, to the ends that, so far as possible, the value of future contributions of members and the county, when taken with present assets, shall not be less than the value of prospective benefit payments based upon membership service to be rendered after the effective date of this amendatory act.

L.1948, c. 310, p. 1249, s. 16. Amended by L.1957, c. 204, p. 720, s. 2; L.1966, c. 210, s. 5.

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