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    Chapter 10:

      Section: 43:10-38: Pension to widow, children or parent of deceased member

           The widow, children or sole dependent parent of a member of the county police department, who shall have served therein for a period of ten years, paid into the fund the full amount of his annual assessment or contributions and either lost his life in the performance of his duty or died from causes other than injuries received in the performance of duty, shall receive a pension equal to the full amount of such member's salary at the time of his death, but not exceeding one thousand dollars. No widow shall be entitled to a pension who shall have married the member after he shall have reached the age of fifty years.

If the member leaves him surviving a widow and children, the pension shall be paid to the widow for the use of herself and the children. If he leaves three or more children but no widow, the pension shall be paid, in equal shares, to the children who have not reached the age of sixteen years; if there are two children, they shall be paid twenty dollars each monthly; if one child, he shall be paid twenty-five dollars monthly. If a widow entitled to a pension hereunder remarries, the pension shall cease and shall not be paid to her or her children.

If he leaves no widow and no children under sixteen years of age, the pension shall be paid to his sole dependent parent.

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