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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 46, PROPERTY

    Chapter 14: Acknowledgment and proof

      Section: 46:14-6.1: Officers authorized to take acknowledgements.

          46:14-6.1. Officers authorized to take acknowledgments. a. The officers of this State authorized to take acknowledgments or proofs in this State, or in any other United States or foreign jurisdiction, are:

(1) an attorney-at-law;

(2) a notary public;

(3) a county clerk or deputy county clerk;

(4) a register of deeds and mortgages or a deputy register;

(5) a surrogate or deputy surrogate.

b. The officers authorized to take acknowledgments or proofs, in addition to those listed in subsection a., are:

(1) any officer of the United States, of a state, territory or district of the United States, or of a foreign nation authorized at the time and place of the acknowledgment or proof by the laws of that jurisdiction to take acknowledgments or proofs. If the certificate of acknowledgment or proof does not designate the officer as a justice, judge or notary, the certificate of acknowledgment or proof, or an affidavit appended to it, shall contain a statement of the officer's authority to take acknowledgments or proofs;

(2) a foreign service or consular officer or other representative of the United States to any foreign nation, within the territory of that nation.

added 1991, c.308, s.1; amended 2021, c.179, s.31.

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