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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 46, PROPERTY

    Chapter 5: Certain words in quitclaim deeds construed

      Section: 46:5-3: Conveyance by quitclaim without reservation in favor of grantor; effect as conveyance by deed of bargain and sale; grantee bona fide purchaser

           Any conveyance or instrument executed and delivered after July fourth, one thousand nine hundred and thirty-one, which shall purport to remise, release or quitclaim to the grantee therein any claim to or estate or interest in the lands described therein, there being nothing in such conveyance or instrument which indicates an intent on the part of the grantor therein to reserve to himself any part of his claim to or estate or interest therein, shall be effectual to pass all the estate which the grantor could lawfully convey by deed of bargain and sale, and the grantee in such conveyance or instrument shall be presumed to be a bona fide purchaser to the same extent as would be the grantee in a deed of bargain and sale.

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