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    Chapter 13C: Declaration of intent.

      Section: 52:13C-22: Quarterly reports; contents.

5. a. Every governmental affairs agent shall file with the commission a signed quarterly report of his activity in attempting to influence legislation, regulation or governmental processes during each such quarter.

b. The quarterly reports required under this section shall be made in the form and manner prescribed by the commission and shall be filed between the first and tenth days of each calendar quarter for such activity during the preceding calendar quarter. The commission may, in its discretion, permit joint reports by persons subject to this act.

c. Each such quarterly report shall:

(1) describe the particular items of legislation, regulation, or governmental process, the particular items in the annual appropriation legislation or appropriation legislation that is supplemental to that legislation, and any general category or type of legislation, regulation or governmental process regarding which the governmental affairs agent acted as a governmental affairs agent during the quarter, and any particular items or general types of legislation, regulation, or governmental processes which he actively promoted or opposed during the quarter; and

(2) supply any information necessary to make the notice of representation filed by the governmental affairs agent pursuant to section 4 of P.L.1971, c.183 (C.52:13C-21), current and accurate as of the final day of the calendar quarter covered by the report.

L.1971, c.183, s.5; amended 1991, c.244, s.3; 2004, c.27, s.10; 2007, c.201.

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