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    Chapter 14E:

      Section: 52:14E-8: Council's powers, duties.

8. The council shall be authorized to perform the following functions and exercise the following powers:

a. Review, evaluate and recommend to the Legislature any necessary changes in any existing compact between this State and the federal government or between this State and any other state created for the purposes set forth in this act or develop such compacts where they do not exist.

b. Review, evaluate and periodically recommend changes in existing emergency master plans.

c. Encourage and coordinate comprehensive services available through private organizations and intercommunity cooperation.

d. Authorize expenditures from the fund upon approval of the Governor to provide emergency relief deemed appropriate by the council or to reimburse municipalities or counties for damages or excessive costs sustained as a result of an emergency.

e. Utilize the manpower, facilities and materials of the various State departments for the purposes of P.L.1972, c.133 (C.52:14E-1 et seq.).

L.1972, c.133, s.8; amended 1973, c.250; 1989, c.133, s.6; 2010, c.104, s.19.

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