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    Chapter 17B: Establishment of department; "the department" defined

      Section: 52:17B-108: Attorney General to have power and authority of prosecutor; appointment of assistants; payment for services

           12. Whenever the Attorney General, personally or by his deputies or assistants, shall attend in any county for the prosecution of all or any part of the criminal business of the State in said county, he shall have all the power and authority of the county prosecutor, including the investigation of alleged crimes, the attendance before the criminal courts and grand juries of the county, the preparation and trial of indictments for crimes, the representation of the State in all proceedings in criminal cases on appeal or otherwise in the courts of this State, and in addition, shall have the power to appoint such temporary assistants, aides, investigators or other personnel and incur such expenses as he shall deem necessary.

Whenever the criminal business or any part of the criminal business of any county is prosecuted by the Attorney General, personally or by his deputies or assistants, there shall be paid by the treasurer of the county such sum for that service, including the compensation of any deputy or assistant Attorney General, as the assignment judge of the Superior Court of the county shall certify and fix on the application of the Attorney General; provided that the compensation allowed shall not exceed that provided by law for the payment by said county for the same or similar services.

L.1970,c.74,s.12; amended 1991,c.91,s.500.

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