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    Chapter 17B: Establishment of department; "the department" defined

      Section: 52:17B-161: Definitions

           3. As used in this act:

"Eligible municipality" means a municipality, which has a police department or force, in which the number of violent and nonviolent crimes per police officer exceeds 70\% of the Statewide average of municipalities with a municipal police department or force, as reported in the 1991 Uniform Crime Report published by the Division of State Police.

"Fringe benefits" means payments made by the employer for an employee's retirement, social security, health and dental insurance, workers compensation, and unemployment, disability and survivor's insurance.

"Fund" means the Safe Neighborhoods Services Fund established by section 5 of this act.

"Law enforcement equipment" or "equipment" means that equipment required for the provision of law enforcement services including, but not limited to, police cars, computers and peripheral equipment, police radios and other communications gear, weapons and body armor for which a grant is awarded pursuant to section 9 of this act.

"Law enforcement project" or "project" means a project employing police officers for which a grant is awarded pursuant to section 9 of this act.

"Other law enforcement personnel" means non-police employees who enhance a project's law enforcement capacity by performing paperwork and related support services, thereby allowing police officers to devote more time to direct community policing duties.

"Program" means the "Safe and Secure Communities Program" established by this act.


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