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    Chapter 17B: Establishment of department; "the department" defined

      Section: 52:17B-215: Information provided to person making report or family member.

4. a. The law enforcement agency shall notify the person making the report, a family member, or any other person in a position to assist the law enforcement agency in its efforts to locate the missing person by providing to that person or family member:

(1) general information about the handling of the missing person case or about intended efforts in the case to the extent that the law enforcement agency determines that disclosure would not adversely affect its ability to locate or protect the missing person, to apprehend or to prosecute any persons criminally involved in the disappearance;

(2) information advising the person making the report and other involved persons that if the missing person remains missing, they should contact the law enforcement agency to provide additional information and materials that will aid in locating the missing person, such as any credit or debit cards the missing person has access to, other banking or financial information and any records of cell phone use;

(3) in those cases where DNA samples are requested, the law enforcement agency shall notify the person or family member that all such DNA samples are provided on a voluntary basis and shall be used solely to help locate or identify the missing person and shall not be used for any other purpose; and

(4) the law enforcement agency, upon acceptance of a missing person report, shall inform the person filing the report that there are two clearing houses for missing person's information. If the person reported missing is age 17 or under, the person filing the report shall be provided with contact information for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. If the person reported missing is age 18 or older, the person filing the report shall be provided with contact information for the National Center for Missing Adults.

b. If the person identified in the missing person report remains missing for 30 days, and the additional information and materials specified below have not been received, the law enforcement agency shall attempt to obtain:

(1) DNA samples from family members and, if possible, from the missing person along with any needed documentation, including any consent forms, required for the use of State or federal DNA databases;

(2) dental information and x-rays, and an authorization to release dental or skeletal x-rays of the missing person;

(3) any additional photographs of the missing person that may aid the investigation or an identification. The law enforcement agency shall not be required to obtain written authorization before it releases publicly any photograph that would aid in the investigation or identification of the missing person; and

(4) fingerprints.

c. All DNA samples obtained in missing persons cases shall be immediately forwarded to the New Jersey Forensic DNA Laboratory for analysis. The laboratory shall establish procedures for determining how to prioritize analysis of the samples relating to missing persons cases.

d. Information relevant to the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Violent Criminal Apprehension Program shall be entered as soon as possible.

e. Nothing is this section shall be construed to preclude a law enforcement agency from obtaining any of the materials identified in this section before the 30th day following the filing of the missing person report.

L.2007, c.279, s.4.

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